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I wonder how many of our elected officials and government employees live in a high-rise condominium that lacks an engineered life safety system or fire sprinklers? Apparently not to many since the State of Florida again, decided to kick the can down the road, thus continuing to jeopardize public safety in our built environment.


The Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC), NFPA 101, 8th edition has extended the time for these requirements for existing high-rise condominiums, requirements that are required for new buildings. These associations have until January 1, 2025 to hire a Florida Registered Professional Engineer, January 1, 2026 for permitted contractor's plans and January 1, 2027 for completion. This timeline is for both an engineered life safety or fire sprinklers systems.


HOWEVER, FFPC NPFA 101- requires the association to decide by January 1, 2024 as to their option and inform the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) by February 1, 2024. Whether or not your local AHJ (Fire or Building Dept) will be enforcing these new codes, you live in a high-rise building that evacuations and manual fire fighting are difficult. While our Politicians may not care about your safety, you should, I do.


Bruce John Tumin, P.E. being a Florida Registered Professional Engineer (1987) has experience in fire and life safety systems designs and can help your Association to evaluate your building(s). Many building components affect the level of life safety in your building. Our years of local experiences evaluating, designing, and testing components can provide your Association with an overall solution. Don't wait, contact us before it's too late.


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