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The State of Florida's Fire Prevention Code (FFPC), 7th Edition (2020), has extended the date required for existing high-rise condominium to be protected throughout by an approved, supervised automatic sprinkler system or an “Engineered Life Safety System” until January 1, 2024.


Bruce John Tumin, P.E. being a registered professional engineer (1987) has experience in fire and life safety systems designs and can help your Association to evaluate your building(s). Our analysis and evaluation will be the staring point for your Association's responsibility to comply with FFPC and increasing the level of life safety in your building(s).


  • Which system(s) would benefit the Association the most, both for life safety and property protection?

  • Will the design be based on reliability or profitability of the installing contractor(s)?

  • Will there be a consistent contractors' bidding process?

  • Will the system be approved by local Officials prior to contractors' involvement?


Many building components affect the level of life safety in your building. Our years of local experiences evaluating, designing, and testing components can provide your Association with an overall solution. Don't wait, contact us before it's too late.


 Tumin Engineering Company has been offering Forensic, Fire Protection, Life Safety and Civil Engineering throughout Florida since 1987






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