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Bruce J. Tumin, PE provides forensic analysis including but not limited to structures, foundations, roof covering and finish flooring systems for the property insurance industry, owners and Associations. Structures consist of concrete, wood and steel frame construction. His litigation consulting consists of expert witness testimonies and depositions dealing with construction deficiencies, product defects, cause and origin, extent of damage and deviation from plans.


Assembly, Business, Educational, Factory, Institutional/healthcare facilities, Mercantile, Residential, Storage commercial, and even Historical Structures have been evaluated, addressing roof, walls and floors of the structure. Whether assisting the Property Insurance Industry or helping Owners and Associations understand the damage to structures, components and coverings, Tumin Engineering can be your Engineer.


Decades of walking roofs during construction, annual inspections and after incidents expose good and bad construction practices, deviations from plans/specifications, deferment of maintenance, design errors, and windstorm/fire damages. Experience matters when analyzing construction.


Residential and commercial floor covering systems consisting of marble and ceramic tiles, wood, vinyl and a variety of top coats observed, documented and analyzed to determine the causation and extend of the affected area. From design error to deviation from manufacturer’s specifications, I’ve seen it all.


Mother Nature exposes our building to wind and rain requiring effective building envelopes. Determining installation deficiencies from deferred maintenance or manufacturer’s defects not only assist with the liability but how to correct the problem.


Fire losses can be very difficult to analyze due to evidence being destroyed. Having a “Fire Protection Engineering” background is essential to aid in the formation of an opinion of the cause and origin(s) of a fire. The causation is what determines an insurable peril.


Structural assessments of damage from Hurricanes Andrew, Opal, Floyd, Charley, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina, Wilma and Ike gives Tumin Engineering Company the experiences your company needs to properly evaluate damages and claims. Extensive research of every incident contributes to professional opinions that holds up in litigation as well as understandable to all parties.


Professional Engineering consulting for construction litigation requires an understanding of the legal system, too. Depositions, interrogatives, meditations, appraisals and court testimonies experiences establish creditability and confidence.   Something your Professional Engineer needs.


Is This Claim Suspicious? Book engineers using numbers and charts have a hard time understanding the human element.   Good Forensic Engineering uses psychology in understanding a loss.   A wall or floor safe was very unlikely due to limited space and bonded floor tiles, however, easily covered up with a night stands in three bedrooms.


Cracked roof tiles with loose pieces left on the roof after a windstorm event? Overlooking the obvious can lose a case. Were tiles de-bonded by the event or were they ever bonded (non-bonded) to the underlayment?


 Tumin Engineering Company has been offering Forensic, Fire Protection, Life Safety and Civil Engineering throughout Florida since 1987






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