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The Society of Fire Protection Engineers voted Bruce Tumin, PE as Florida Chapter President for the 1990-91 terms. Training with Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI), Factory Mutual Engineering Association (FMEA) and at the University of Maryland provided an understanding of the magnitude and complexity of fire protection in our built environment.


“Without sound engineering judgment in the design of the total fire protection system from an accountable engineer not involved with the installation, public safety, owners’ interest, and firefighters’ lives are jeopardized.”

Fire protection systems: accountability a key”,

Bruce Tumin, PE, Fire Engineering, Feb. 1992.


A total fire protection system consists of both active and passive protection as well as adequate means of egress and fire alarms. Addressing these building components individually will waste money due to duplication or possibly affect the overall effectiveness of system including jeopardizing public safety.


“An independent engineer working for an owner must make the vital judgment to ensure an acceptable level of life safety in a structure.”

Letters, Bruce Tumin, PE, 

Engineering Times, June 1994, Vol. 16, No. 6.


Bruce J. Tumin, PE has designed, inspected and tested numerous fire suppression systems. Automatic fire sprinklers systems included wet, dry, pre-action, and deluge types. Gas suppression systems consisted of carbon dioxide, Halon 1301, and FM 200 as well as foam, and dry chemical suppression systems.


Don’t let exploding fees and delays affect your project. Tumin Engineering Company can be your Prime, Delegated and/or Engineer of Record for your system as part of your Architectural/Engineers Team or Contractor’s permit documents. Contractors can assure economical consulting to expedite your permit process.


“Only when the architectural/engineering team designs the entire building can the owner’s interest be served.”

Fire Sprinkler Design”, Bruce Tumin, PE,

                 Engineering Times, June 1996, Vol. 18, No. 6


Designing means of egress or escape brings into more than just engineering and/or common sense. The human element can be difficult or impossible to predict, therefore understanding people is a must. Bruce Tumin’s employment included counseling youth for the United Way (YMCA). And when it comes to an emergency, people act like kids.


“Tumin thinks the cost is worthwhile for sprinklers to be installed, especially in high-rise where evacuation is complicated by the possibility that one or more condo residents are disabled.”

Hi-Riser, Vol. 32, No. 37, Sept. 5, 1996


While fire detection is not protection and has its limitations, like people ignoring the warning, it’s an essential component of the total fire protection system. Tumin Engineering Company can design your system with a variety of initiation and notification devices to meet your needs and help assure compliance during an emergency.  


Understanding the local Authority Having Jurisdiction’s (AHJ) intent helps with code violation resolutions. Bruce Tumin, PE was the Consumer Advocate for the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals, Fire Code Committee (1988) and has been a guest speaker for the South Florida Fire Safety Association, the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, and the Broward County Plumbing, Gas & Mechanical Inspectors.


 Tumin Engineering Company has been offering Forensic, Fire Protection, Life Safety and Civil Engineering throughout Florida since 1987






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