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Fee Schedule

Forensic Engineering

(Insurance Adjusting Assistance)

Property Assessment                         $200/hr

Litigation Consultant                         $200/hr

Expert Witness & Deposition            $225/hr


Fire Protection Engineering

(Prime, Delegated, Engineer of Record)

Fire Suppression Design             Lump Sum

Fire Detection Design                 Lump Sum

Consulting                                         $200/hr


Architectural Consulting

Means of Egress                                $200/hr

Fire Rating Barriers                         

ADA evaluations

Building & Fire Codes


Condominium Evaluation

(Turnover, Conversion or Consulting)

Fire Sprinklers & alarms                   $200/hr

Americans w/Disability Act (ADA)

Means of Egress

Building/Fire Code Violations

Engineered Life Safety System    

Evaluation                                      Lump Sum 




Tumin Engineering Company can provide a specific proposal for your project with a “not to exceed” amount clause. Lump sum contracts are offered for design, evaluation and insurance adjusting assistance. Please contact our office with details of your project for your proposal.

 Tumin Engineering Company has been offering Forensic, Fire Protection, Life Safety and Civil Engineering throughout Florida since 1987






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